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Light Armored Stranded Loose Tube Cable GYTS PBT Black 24 - 144cores

Place of Origin China
Brand Name OMC or OEM
Certification ROHS and ISO
Model Number Standard Loose Tube light-armored Cable (GYTS)
Minimum Order Quantity 20
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details Inner PE Bag and carton
Delivery Time 5 - 8 work days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 1000/pcs/month
Product Details
Number Of Fiber 24-144cores Moisture Barrier Water Blocking System
Material(Loose Tube) PBT Diameter(Loose Tube) Ф2.2(outer/inner)
Material(Outer Sheath) PE/HDPE Diameter(Outer Sheath) 1.70±0.2mm
High Light

PBT Black stranded loose tube cable


stranded loose tube cable GYTS


Armored stranded loose tube cable

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Product Description



Steel Tape Layer Loose Tube Outdoor Cable GYTS


1. Cable Description:

   The fibers, single mode or muti mode, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. A steel wire, sometimes sheathed with polyethylene (PE) for cable with high fiber count, locates in the center of core as a metallic strength member. Tubes (and fillers) are stranded around the strength member into a compact and circular cable core. The PSP is longitudinally applied over the cable core, which is filled with the filling compound to protect it from water ingress. The cable is completed with a PE sheath.


2.Cable Drawing:

Light Armored Stranded Loose Tube Cable GYTS PBT Black 24 - 144cores 0


<Cross-sectional Drawing of Cable>


Light Armored Stranded Loose Tube Cable GYTS PBT Black 24 - 144cores 1


Note : Structure drawing just for reference, please check the following details.


3. Application:


Adopted to outdoor distribution;

Suitable for aerial, pipeline laying method;

Long distance and local area network communication.


4. Characteristic.


Good mechanical and temperature performance

High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant

Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber

Crush resistance and flexibility

PE sheath protects cable from ultraviolet radiation

The following measures are taken to ensure the cable watertight:

Steel wire used as the central strength member

Loose tube filling compound and 100% cable core filling

PSP enhancing moisture-proof




5.1 Fiber Allocation Scheme

Fiber number Tube number Fiber per tube Fiber type
24-144 1-12 12F/Tube OS1,OS2,OM1,OM2, OM3,OM4






5.2 Cable construction details


Items Description
Number of fiber 24-144cores
Moisture Barrier Water blocking system
Central strength member Material Steel wire/FRP/FRP with PE cover
size 1.4mm
Loose tube material PBT
diameter Ф2.2(outer/inner)
Tube-filling material Tube filling compound
Armoring Material Corrugated steel tape
Outer sheath material PE/HDPE
diameter 1.70±0.2mm


6.Standand colour of fiber and tube:



The color code of the tubes and the individual fibers, shall be in accordance with the table as below:


Standard Colour Identification  
No. 1 2 3 4 5 6  
Color Blue Orange Green Brown Slate White  
No. 7 8 9 10 11 12  
Color Red Black Yellow Violet Pink Aqua  


7. Cable Mechanical Characteristic:



Items Cable diameter Weight
2 cores to 30 cores 8.6±0.5mm 105±5kg/km
48 cores 9.6±0.5mm 115±5kg/km
72 cores 10.5±0.5mm 125±5kg/km
96 cores 12.2±0.3mm 180±5kg/km
144 cores 14.9±0.5mm 245±5kg/km
Installation Temperature range -15--+60℃
Operation and transport temperature -40-+70℃
Min Bending Radius(mm) Long term 10D
short term 20D
Allowable Tensile Strength(N) Long term 600
short term 1000
Crush Load (N/100mm) Long term 300
short term 1000
























8. Requirement for Order:


1.Fiber sort: Single mode G652,G655,G657, Multi mode 50/125,62.5/125,OM3,OM4.

2.Fiber brand: YOFC, Corning, Fiberhome Fujikura, OFS etc.

3.Sheath material: PE,LSZH( can be required).

4.Sheath color: Black ,can be required.

5.The fiber and tube color: according to stranded color, can be required.

6.The cable Size: shall be in accordance with the table, can be required.

7.Length of cable: generally is 2KM, can be required.

8.Other requirement:can be negotiated.


9. Fiber characteristic

Fiber style Unit





MM 62.5/125
condition nm 1310/1550 850/1300 850/1300
attenuation dB/km ≤0.36/0.23 ≤3.0/1.0 ≤3.0/1.0
Dispersion 1310nm Ps/(nm*km) ≤18 ..... .....
1550nm Ps/(nm*km) ≤22 ..... .....
Bandwidth 850nm MHZ. KM ..... ≧400 ≧160
1300nm MHZ. KM ..... ≧800 ≧500
Zero dispersion wavelength nm



..... .....
Zero dispersion slope nm ≤0.091 ..... .....
PMD Maximum Individual Fiber   ≤0.2 ..... .....
PMD Design Link Value Ps(nm2*km) ≤0.08 ..... .....
Fiber cutoff wavelength λc nm ≧1180,≤1330 ..... .....
Cable cutoff wavelength λcc nm ≤1260 ..... .....
MFD 1310nm um 9.2±0.4 ..... .....
1550nm um 10.4±0.8 ..... .....
Numerical Aperture(NA)   ...... 0.200±0.015 0.275±0.015
Step(mean of bidirectional measurement) dB ≤0.05 ≤0.10 ≤0.10
Irregularities over fiber length and point discontinuity dB ≤0.05 ≤0.10 ≤0.10
Difference backscatter coefficient dB/km ≤0.03 ≤0.08 ≤0.10
Attenuation uniformity dB/km ≤0.01 ....... .......
Core diameter um ...... 50±1.0 62.5±2.5
Cladding diameter um 125.0±0.1 125.0±0.1 125.0±0.1
Cladding non-circularity % ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Coating diameter um 242±7 242±7 242±7
Coating/chaffinch concentrically error um ≤12.0 ≤12.0 ≤12.0
Coating non circularity % ≤6.0 ≤6.0 ≤6.0
Core/cladding concentricity error um ≤0.6 ≤1.5 ≤1.5
Curl(radius) um ≤4 ..... .....














































10. Cable marking and cable reel marking


10.1 Cable marking


The cable sheath shall be marked with white characters at intervals of one meter with following information:


1. Purchaser’s name

2. Cable type

3. Fiber type and counts

4. Year of manufacture

5. Length marking

Notice: cable mark is available if requested by customer.


10.2 Cable reel:

Details given below shall be marked with a weather materials on both outer sides of the reel flange :

       1. Cable type and fiber counts                                                                              

2. Length of cable in meters

3. Year of manufacture

Notice: shipping mark is available if requested by customer.                                          

Light Armored Stranded Loose Tube Cable GYTS PBT Black 24 - 144cores 2

11. Packing Informations


1. Packing material: Wooden drum

2. Packing length: standard length of cable shall be 2 km. Other cable length is also available if required by customer


12. Our certificates :



1) ISO9002


3) ULE329066





13. Testing Lab:


No Device name No Device name
1 Optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) 8 GNZV Cable Torsion Testing Machine
2 Fiber Polarization Mode Dispersion 9 GQNV Cable Flexing Testing Machine
3 Fiber Dispersion ,Strain Tester 10 GJRV Cable Winding Testing Machine
4 High Low Temperature Test Chamber 11 GZDV Cable Vibration Testing Machine
5 Cable Impact Testing Machine 12 Cable Water Penetration Test
6 Cable Squash Tensile Testing Machine 13 Fusion Splicer
7 GWQV Cable Bending Tester 14 Cable Water Penetration Test Rig


Fiber Optic Cable Mechanical Performance Testing Laboratory


1. Main Testing Type: Precision Test and Mechanical Test.

2. Precision Testing Machine: EXFO OTDR, EG&G PMD-440,CD-400.

3. Mechanical Performance Testing : Temperature, Impact, Tensile, Bending, Torsion, Flexing, Winding, Vibration, Water Penetration, Fusion Splicer, Water Penetration.


14. Our advantages:


1. Professional cable manufacturer.

2. About 10 years experiences in cable industry.

3. MOQ just 1Km.

4. ISO, UL , ROSH,REACH...certifications.

5. Can be customized production of fiber optic cable.

6. Independent Lab with full set of testing machines.


15. Our factory: