Optical Fiber Communication

November 12, 2019
Latest company news about Optical Fiber Communication

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The development of things is the two sides of existence. As for our fiber-optic communication industry, there are also its advantages and disadvantages. So let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of fiber-optic communication.


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About the advantages of fiber optic communication


1. Strong adaptability

2. Good confidentiality

3. Long relay distance

4. Large communication capacity

5. Rich sources of raw materials and low potential prices

6. Small size, light weight, easy construction and maintenance


Disadvantages of optical fiber communication


1. The fiber cannot supply the power required by the repeater

2. Branch coupling is not convenient

3. The bending radius should not be too small

4. When cutting and connecting the optical fiber, high-precision cutting and connecting technology is required, which is not available when the cable is connected.

5. Fiber properties are brittle and require proper coating to protect them. In addition, in order to ensure that it can withstand a certain laying tension, it is also necessary to consider more in the fiber structure.