Newly developed QR technology for MPO and LC connectors

March 3, 2020
Latest company news about Newly developed QR technology for MPO and LC connectors

         Swiss R & M has developed QR technology for FO jumpers. This new push-pull mechanism is called Quick-Release (QR). The new QR technology can increase port density by 50%.


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         Based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, R & M, a global developer and supplier of high-quality network infrastructure cabling systems, has recently researched and designed a new technology called QuickRelease (QR). This new technology uses a rear strain relief sleeve for connecting MPO and LC connectors. With the new QR technology, Swiss R & M can help users ensure easier insertion and removal of FO jumpers, thereby helping to increase the density of FO ports in network cabinets without having to compromise on operability.


         In addition, Swiss R & M has expanded the strain relief function of QR connectors. Now, strain relief sleeves not only relieve strain and limit range, they can also be used as control elements to guide plugs. Network technicians can simply lock and release the QR connector in the patch panel by simply sliding and pulling back on the strain relief sleeve.


         Therefore, after using the QR device, the space originally reserved for the corresponding connector handle is no longer needed. In the case of MPO-QR connection, the packing density per unit height can be increased to 120 ports, which is 50% more than the traditional distribution frame. Using LC-QR duplex can also increase the density per unit height to 120 ports or 240 fibers. This means that a network cabinet with 42 height units can connect up to 10080 fibers.


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         For data centers, this means: they can make better use of racks. Furthermore, the network infrastructure can be expanded to save space, and a spine-leaf architecture can be constructed to achieve faster data traffic.


         Swiss R & M has developed different types of QR connectors for all typical usage scenarios. At the same time, we have developed QR series with MPO, LC simplex, LC duplex and LC Uniboot connectors for different connection types. MPO-QR is compatible with MPO / MTP® connectors made by other manufacturers. It supports OS2, OM3, OM4 and OM5 single-mode and multi-mode fibers. In addition, Swiss R & M assembles MPO-QR with 2mm jumper and LC-QR duplex with 1.4mm cable.


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