Global fixed-line broadband reaches 1 billion users

November 26, 2019
Latest company news about Global fixed-line broadband reaches 1 billion users

         In almost every part of the world, broadband access is rapidly becoming a necessity similar to electricity and water. In addition, broadband connectivity has become a fundamental part of the development and implementation of “smart infrastructure” to support smart cities, autonomous driving, Internet of Things (IoT), digital health and other smart solutions to improve our work, life and entertainment.


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         By the end of 2018, fixed-line broadband reached an important milestone: serving 1 billion users and supporting nearly 50% of the world's households. It is reported that China currently accounts for 36% of global broadband users and 65% of global FTTH users. In the past decade, China's fixed-line broadband subscribers have grown from 85 million to nearly 370 million, four times the sum of the rest of the world. In fact, in a few countries, including Japan, China, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Finland, etc., FTTH has become the dominant fixed broadband technology. After a long and tortuous road, broadband operators have finally begun to accept FTTH technology. The benefits of its network.

         The society is developing, the technology is advancing, we enjoy the convenience brought by the network, we should also think about its defects, and strive to perfect, so that we can enjoy the next convenience more quickly.


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