Birthday party in September

September 16, 2019
Latest company news about Birthday party in September

         On September 11, 2019, the company held its September birthday party.


         At the birthday party, the company prepared a variety of food for the employees. Among them, there were three people in the main character of this September birthday. They lit candles together and blown candles together. We all sang birthday songs for them, and the leaders also gave them blessings and birthday gifts.


         In the personal sharing session, the three birthday protagonists also shared unforgettable things at work. One of the employees said:'There are many unforgettable things. The most memorable ones are still able to have birthdays with everyone. Thank you very much, thank you to the boss. Give me this platform, I will work harder.'


         Finally, everyone participated in the 'guess poker' game, there are awards and penalties, everyone laughed happily and happily.

Our front desk also said:'Learn to smile will make us become an optimistic, upward, happy person.'


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